What You Need To Know About Assisted Living Facilities


Having to move is always a big change for anyone and this

Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facilities

includes seniors that have to move to an assisted living home. There is always the feeling of uneasiness and there are always a lot of questions surrounding the move. The best way to prepare for a move to an assisted living is to do a lot of research to learn about all the advantages and disadvantages so that you or your aging parent can make the right decision.

Here are a few questions that you should be asking before choosing an assisted living facility.

Should I Move To An Assisted Living Residence?

This is the most important question and if you are asking it, the answer is probably yes. Assisted Living Facilities Fort Lauderdale can work for all seniors as they cater to a large variety of senior needs. Over a million seniors currently reside in an assisted living center. Some senior will move to an assisted living to get assistance with their daily living activities while others will do it just to have a social life with other like-minded senior citizens.

Do They Provide Activities?

Senior living facilities offer a variety of activities that are safe for all seniors and they will have an activity for everyone’s preference. You can expect art classes, dance classes, movies, shopping, fishing etc.

Will I have Privacy?

Absolutely! Unlike nursing homes, which offer very little if any privacy, assisted living homes have an emphasis on just that, so you will typically have your private time when you need it to do whatever you want such as to sleep, read a book or visit with friends and family.

What Should You Pack?

This depends on the facility and whether or not you are getting an apartment, private room or shared room, once you decide on your living arrangements you can then ask the facility about what you can bring with you.

Don’t Forget The Location

Just like shopping around for a new home, you should do the same for an assisted living facility, consider most if not all of the same factors, such as making sure it is close to what’s important to you, like your friends and family, close to shopping and the beach if that is what is important to you.

Who Pays For Assisted Living

In majority of the cases, it’s the resident and their family. But there are government programs that can assist depending on your financial situation, such as diversion programs, Medicare and Medicaid. You could also check with your insurance company about your long term care benefit options.