Basic Appliance Repair Troubleshooting Steps For Seniors From An Appliance Technician


Seniors are often living on a fixed income, and they don’t have all the money in the world to devote to the costs of maintaining a home. Appliances breaking down can really set back their finances. Of course, if seniors know how to make simple repairs, not every situation is going to call for a maintenance professional or the purchase of a new appliance. What types of simple appliance repairs can seniors make?

It is good for seniors to be equipped with basic maintenance and troubleshooting steps in terms of appliance repairs. Sometimes when something isn’t working, the problem really is the obvious. Appliances can be unplugged, or power settings might need to be adjusted. The basic troubleshooting steps should always be handled first before jumping to conclusions. They won’t always solve the problem, but you want to be sure you check the power source, settings and that an appliance is in the right position to be working.

One other thing that seniors need to know is when to give up and not pursue an appliance repair. What is the expected life for the appliance you need repaired? You might need to consider that it’s time for a replacement. You can always purchase a used appliance if the one you have can’t be fixed. What you don’t want to do is spend a ton of money on an appliance repair when you could have bought a new or used one for much cheaper.

If you can get the appliance to turn on, but it’s not working properly, listen for noises. What’s going on with the moving parts of the appliance? Even if you’re not able to make a repair with simple troubleshooting steps, you will have more to report to the repairman when you place that call. All information is helpful, and it will help you, too, to make a decision about what to do regarding the appliance repair in question.